Data Center cooling for the Academic Computer Center AGH Cyfronet

Data Center cooling for the Academic Computer Center AGH Cyfronet

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With a great pleasure we would like to present of another successful implementation. For the needs of cooling the supercomputer processors at the AGH University of Science and Technology Cyfronet in Krakow, FRIZO provided a technological cooling system with a capacity of 850 kW.

Dry cooler over 40% more effective

The system achieves efficiency unprecedented on the market – over 40% higher than the most effective devices currently available. It combines two water systems: an adiabatic cooling system and a water spray system on the exchanger. The work of both systems allows to obtain the highest thermal efficiency, previously impossible to achieve in other constructions. In addition, a specially constructed and optimized control system guarantees trouble-free operation in all conditions and economical management of electricity and water. The device also automatically monitors water quality and optimizes the number of hours of operation of individual components. The flexible design of the devices allows you to choose the optimal version for a specific application. It is possible, for example, to work a dry cooler with an adiabatic system fed with tap water.

Other advantages of dry coolers

Dry coolers have undeniable advantages such as: very high efficiency with decreasing outside temperature resulting from the extensive heat exchange surface, the possibility of trouble-free operation in free cooling mode, excellent regulation and advanced microprocessor control algorithms, low noise, significantly reduced water consumption i.e. water only on the hottest days of the year, significant simplification of service activities, elimination of biological hazards or significantly lower operating load.


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Firma FRIZO Sp. z o. o. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich pt. „Utworzenie centrum badawczo-rozwojowego firmy FRIZO”

Celem projektu jest utworzenie centrum badawczo-rozwojowego w celu opracowania nowatorskiej kontenerowej maszynowni chłodniczej (KMCh) wykorzystującej jako media robocze dwutlenek węgla oraz amoniak w układzie kaskadowym

Wartość projektu: 11 235 189,00 zł
Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 4 110 435,00 zł